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Winter Weather Accidents

Injury Lawyers Helping Residents of New Hampshire After Serious Car Crashes

New Hampshire winters often bring snow, sleet, and icy roads. While winter weather conditions can produce scenic landscapes, they can also unfortunately result in an increase in car accidents. Drivers are obligated to operate their vehicles with reasonable care under the circumstances, which includes the duty to be mindful of the hazards created by winter weather. When drivers negligently fail to uphold their duty to drive safely in inclement weather, it often leads to accidents. If you were involved in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you should meet with a New Hampshire car accident lawyer to discuss your options for pursuing damages for your harm. The attorneys at Peter Thompson and Associates have been helping New Hampshire residents injured in winter weather accidents seek compensation for their harm for more than 60 years collectively. We will work aggressively to formulate strong arguments to help you pursue a favorable result under the facts of your case.

Showing Liability Following a Winter Weather Accident

The fundamental cause of most car accidents is negligence. In New Hampshire, to show liability under a theory of negligence, you must show that the party whom you allege caused the accident owed you some duty of care. You must also show a breach of the duty owed or a failure to exercise reasonable care, which is defined as the degree of care that a reasonably prudent person would use under similar circumstances. After you establish a breach of duty, you must also show that the breach caused the accident, and the accident caused you harm. To prove causation, you must show that the accident would not have happened without the breach, and the breach was a substantial factor in bringing about the accident.

In accidents caused by winter weather, liability will often be disputed, and the defendant may argue that the accident was caused by some other factor, such as the weather. Attorneys engage in the process of discovery during lawsuits, which allows them to gather evidence to support an argument that the accident was avoidable and was caused by the defendant’s negligence. Lawsuits arising out of winter weather accidents can be complicated.

Negligent Driving in Winter Weather Conditions

New Hampshire drivers are obligated to drive safely under the current weather conditions. In other words, drivers must modify their speed and following distance to adjust to any unsafe conditions caused by winter weather. While traveling at or slightly above the speed limit may not cause an accident under normal circumstances, when the roads are icy or slippery due to snow, a driver may lose control while traveling at the posted speed limit and cause an accident. Similarly, a driver who is following too closely to the car in front of him or her may lack the ability to stop in time, due to unsafe road conditions caused by winter weather. Drivers may also be negligent for failing to remove snow or ice from their vehicles if the snow or ice detaches and strikes another vehicle, causing an accident.

Negligent Failure to Treat a Road

In addition to negligent driving, winter weather accidents can be caused by a negligent failure to adequately or efficiently plow or treat a road. Whether you can pursue a claim against the entity responsible for plowing and treating a road depends on several factors, including whether the entity is a municipality or government agency, as well as the amount of time that the snow was permitted to remain on the road prior to your accident.

Damages Caused by Winter Weather Accidents

Winter weather accidents often result in substantial damage to the vehicles involved and may result in significant injuries as well. If you were involved in a winter weather accident, you may be able to recover the costs incurred in repairing any damage to your car and the cost of any treatment that you underwent for your injuries. You may also be able to recover compensation for loss of earnings, if you were unable to work after the accident, and compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the accident.

Meet With a Knowledgeable New Hampshire Attorney

Winter weather can cause treacherous road conditions that frequently lead to accidents. If you were injured in a winter weather accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your harm. The injury lawyers at Peter Thompson and Associates can analyze the facts of your case and develop a litigation plan to help you seek the full amount of damages that you may be owed. Our knowledge and skill in handling New Hampshire car accident cases has afforded us a history of successful outcomes. We have offices in Bedford, Nashua, Portsmouth, and Manchester, New Hampshire and assist injured parties throughout the state. You can contact us at 800.804.2004 or via our form online to set up a consultation.