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Hit and Run Accidents

Attorneys Representing New Hampshire Residents Injured by Careless Drivers

Most people who are involved in car accidents are mindful of the obligation to stop and exchange information with any other driver involved in the accident and, if necessary, to contact the police. Unfortunately, however, some drivers will flee the scene of an accident, leaving the other driver with little to no recourse for seeking compensation from them for any injuries or property damage caused by the accident. If you sustained harm due to a hit and run accident, you should consult an experienced New Hampshire car accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss whether you may be able to recover compensation for your damages. Lawsuits arising out of hit and run accidents present unique challenges and should be handled by a seasoned attorney who can anticipate and manage any potential obstacles to your recovery. At Peter Thompson and Associates, our attorneys have been representing New Hampshire residents injured in hit and run accidents for more than 60 collective years.

Common Reasons Why Drivers Leave the Scene of an Accident

Drivers who leave the scene of an accident often fear dealing with the repercussions of their behavior. For example, it is common for drivers who are intoxicated or under the influence of illicit or prescription drugs to leave the scene. Additionally, a driver may fail to stop after an accident because he or she does not have permission to operate the vehicle involved in the accident, or does not have a valid license. In some cases, a driver will leave the scene of an accident simply because he or she does not want to face liability for the accident.

Recovering Compensation Following a Hit and Run Accident

In New Hampshire car accident cases, you generally must show that another driver’s negligence caused the accident to occur. To successfully prove negligence, you must show that the other driver owed you a duty, he or she breached the duty, and the breach caused the accident and the harm that you sustained in the accident. Negligence must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence, which means that the evidence must show that it is more likely than not that the other driver’s negligence caused your harm. In hit and run accidents, unlike most accident cases, it is typically very difficult to identify the driver responsible for causing the accident. Eyewitness testimony and surveillance video and photos may be helpful in identifying the other driver.

In cases in which you are unable to determine the identity of the other driver, you may still be able to recover benefits from your automobile insurance provider. By law, all automobile insurance policies that cover vehicles registered in New Hampshire must include uninsured or hit and run motor vehicle coverage that will provide benefits for the insured driver in the event that he or she is injured in a hit and run accident. If you are a victim of a hit and run accident, you may feel powerless and confused as to which steps to take. A skilled car accident attorney can assist you in determining a course of action that provides you with a strong chance of recovering compensation under the circumstances.

Damages Typically Sought in Hit and Run Car Accidents

Victims in hit and run accidents typically seek compensation for the cost of repairing any damage to their vehicle. Additionally, people injured in hit and run accidents commonly pursue the cost of any medical treatment for injuries sustained in the accident and the cost of any treatment that may be needed in the future. If a driver is unable to work following a hit and run accident, he or she may be able to recover damages for lost wages and loss of future earnings as well. It is important to act in a timely manner if you intend to pursue damages, for any lawsuit to recover compensation following a car accident must be filed within three years of the date of the accident.

Seek Advice From an Experienced New Hampshire Attorney

If you suffered damages due to a hit and run car accident, you may be able to recover compensation, even if you are unable to identify the other driver. At Peter Thompson and Associates, our attorneys will work diligently to help you pursue any damages that you may be able to recover and any benefits that you may be owed under the terms of your automobile insurance policy. Our aggressive advocacy on behalf of injured people has afforded us a high rate of success and a history of favorable outcomes. We have offices in Bedford, Nashua, Portsmouth, and Manchester, New Hampshire, from which we represent clients throughout the state. Contact us at 800.804.2004 or via our online form to schedule a meeting.