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Tire Blowout Accidents

Attorneys Advocating for New Hampshire Victims Injured in Car Crashes

It is not uncommon for people to drive for thousands of miles without a tire issue. Even if a car has previously been safely operated, however, a tire can suffer a blowout without any warning. Tire blowouts can result in a loss of control of the vehicle, which unfortunately often leads to an accident. If you suffered injuries in a tire blowout accident, you may be entitled to damages. Proving liability following a tire blowout accident can be complicated, and you should retain an experienced attorney to help you in your pursuit of compensation. At Peter Thompson and Associates, our New Hampshire car accident lawyers jointly have more than 60 years’ experience representing New Hampshire residents who were injured in car accidents. We will work tirelessly to develop effective arguments to provide you with a strong chance of a successful outcome under the circumstances.

Causes of Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are often caused when something punctures the tire, causing it to lose air and pressure rapidly. Punctures can be caused by sharp objects in the road or potholes. Tire blowouts can also be caused by small leaks or unevenly distributed weight in the car. Additionally, a blowout can occur if a tire is overinflated or underinflated, or due to a defect in the tire. When a blowout happens, it may cause the driver to lose control and collide with other vehicles on the road.

Pursuing Damages for Tire Blowout Accidents

Tire manufacturers have a duty to ensure that their products are safely designed and constructed. If a blowout was caused by a defect in the tire, you may be able to pursue a claim against the manufacturer of the tire. There are several theories of liability that you may be able to assert against the manufacturer, including strict liability. To recover on a theory of strict liability under New Hampshire law, you must show that the way in which the tire was designed was unreasonably dangerous, the tire was not modified from the original design, and the unsafe design caused the accident. If you allege that a tire blowout was caused by an unsafe design, you will most likely need to engage an expert to explain why the design was unsafe.

Even if a tire is safely designed, it may become unsafe if it is not properly maintained. Car owners are obligated to ensure that a car is in good working condition, which includes making sure that their tires are properly inflated and regularly inspected. In cases in which a tire blowout was caused by improper maintenance of the tire, a lawsuit to recover damages will likely set forth a negligence claim. To prevail on a negligence claim, you must show that the allegedly negligent party owed you a duty of care and committed a breach of the duty. You must also show that the breach caused the accident, and the accident caused you to sustain damages.

In tire blowout accident cases, it may be difficult to determine who is liable for the accident, and in many cases, more than one party will be liable. If you were injured in a tire blowout accident, it is important to seek the assistance of an attorney experienced in handling complex car accident cases to help you identify the parties responsible for your harm.

Damages Sought in Tire Blowout Accident Cases

Tire blowout accidents often result in substantial injuries and property damage. If you were injured in an accident caused by a tire blowout, you can seek compensation for the cost of treating your injuries and the cost of any treatment that you will need in the future. Additionally, if you could not work due to your injuries, you can seek damages for your loss of income. You can also seek compensation for the cost of repairing any damage that your vehicle sustained in the accident. In addition to compensation for your financial harm, you may be able to recover compensation for the pain and suffering that you experienced due to the accident.

Consult a Seasoned New Hampshire Attorney Regarding Your Case

Tire blowouts often lead to devastating accidents. If you were injured in a tire blowout accident, you should consult a car accident lawyer to discuss the facts of your case and your options for seeking damages. The attorneys of Peter Thompson and Associates have substantial experience in handling complex accident cases and will aggressively pursue any damages that you may be owed. Our assertive representation has allowed us to uphold a record of favorable verdicts. We have offices in Bedford, Nashua, Portsmouth, and Manchester, New Hampshire, and we assist injured victims throughout New Hampshire. Contact us at 800.804.2004 or via our online form to schedule a consultation.