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SUV Accidents

New Hampshire Attorneys Representing People Injured in Serious Crashes

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are becoming increasingly common on the roads. While SUVs offer drivers more protection and added room to transport items, they also pose greater risks than sedans and other smaller vehicles. When an SUV is not operated in a safe manner, it can result in an accident that causes considerable injuries and property damage. If you were involved in an SUV accident and suffered harm as a result, you are entitled to pursue compensation from the driver whose negligence caused the accident. At Peter Thompson and Associates, our New Hampshire car accident lawyers have been practicing law for over 60 years collectively, helping New Hampshire residents injured in car accidents seek any compensation that they may be owed.

Harm Caused by SUV Accidents

Due to their increased size, accidents involving SUVs typically cause greater damage than accidents involving smaller cars. SUVs can cause substantial damage to any other vehicle involved in the accident. Additionally, the impact of an SUV can cause concussions, whiplash, back injuries, broken bones, torn tendons, and lacerations. The trauma from the accident may cause mental anguish as well.

If you incurred harm due to an SUV accident that was caused by another party, you may be able to recover compensation. Recoverable compensation includes the cost to repair any damage to your vehicle. Additionally, you may be able to recover the cost of any treatment for injuries that you sustained in the accident and any treatment that you can show that you will need in the future. If you were unable to go to work following the accident, you can seek compensation for any income that you lost. In most cases, you can seek damages for pain and suffering caused by the accident as well. A skilled car accident attorney can help you identify the full extent of the damages that you may be able to recover. If you intend to seek compensation, it is important to seek legal guidance in a timely manner following your accident, since any personal injury lawsuit must be filed within three years of the date of the accident.

Proving Liability Following an SUV Accident

In most car accident cases, the injured party will claim that another party’s negligence caused the accident to occur. Negligence is usually alleged regardless of whether the accident was caused by another driver, poor road design or maintenance, or an unsafe vehicle. To show that you were harmed by someone else’s negligence, you must show that you were owed a duty of care by the allegedly negligent party, that party breached the duty, and the breach caused the accident. You must also prove that you suffered quantifiable damages as a result of the accident.

In many cases, liability will be contested. The defendant may try to refute liability by saying that you were at fault for the accident. Under New Hampshire law, if an injured party is at fault for causing an accident, as long as his or her fault does not exceed 50 percent, he or she may still be able to recover damages.

Discovery is an important tool in establishing liability in car accident cases. Police reports and any surveillance videos or photographs can help show who is at fault for an accident. Eyewitness accounts of the accident can be helpful as well. An experienced car accident attorney can gather evidence involving documents and testimony to help you support your claim.

Discuss Your Case With a Knowledgeable New Hampshire Attorney

If you suffered harm in an SUV accident, you may be able to recover compensation, and you should meet with a trustworthy car accident lawyer to discuss the facts of your case. At Peter Thompson and Associates, we are proficient in handling car accident cases, and we can vigorously pursue the full extent of any damages that you may be owed. Our skillful representation has enabled us to sustain a high rate of successful outcomes. We have offices in Bedford, Nashua, Portsmouth, and Manchester, New Hampshire, and we assist clients throughout the state. Contact us at 800.804.2004 or through our online form to schedule a meeting.