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Falling Debris From Large Trucks

A motorist can be severely injured as a result of cargo or debris falling from a tractor-trailer. These types of collisions occur due to any cargo on the commercial truck not being secured correctly. The injuries that ensue from the impact can be severe and life threatening. A motorist may also be put at further risk by being forced to swerve to avoid debris which can lead to a collision with other vehicles on the road. These collisions would be the fault of the truck driver and the trucking company due to the debris not being secured correctly. In an accident under these circumstances, it is possible to hold both the truck driver and the trucking company liable for any harm suffered by the victim.

For cargo to be secured safely in the truck it should be placed in a way that will ensure it is not able to exit the trailer not only under normal driving conditions, but also under foreseeably unusual conditions such as sudden stops or turns and high wind, among other things. Some ways in which this can be achieved is by covering an open bed with loose materials with a tarp that is able to be tied down tightly.

One of the more dangerous consequences of falling debris is that it can have a devastating effect regardless of what the size of the object is that falls. A small piece of debris is capable of cracking or breaking a windshield forcing the driver to swerve either into another lane or off the road entirely. A larger item may cause more severe damage to the car itself and lead to serious and life-threatening injuries for the passenger. Some examples of items that can fall off a carrier may include logs, construction material, or concrete beams.

Our firm has handled numerous cases stemming from debris falling from a truck that either caused our client to lose control of his/her vehicle or caused another car to veer into our client or brake suddenly in front of our client. In a recent case we handled, the truck driver did not stop, so we sent out a private investigator to interview witnesses that the State Police listed on their accident report. Although none of the witnesses could provide specific information about the trucking company, they were able to roughly describe the truck. One key detail our investigator uncovered was that the truck had an open container with a mesh net covering the top. Two witnesses recalled that they saw wood chips flying off the top of the truck despite the net. We obtained video footage from the toll plaza that was a few miles down the road taken shortly after the accident and were able to identify a truck that matched the description given by the witnesses. From the license number on the truck, we were then able to locate truck’s owner and bring a claim on behalf of our client.

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