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Weather-Related Road Conditions Turn Deadly in New Hampshire

December 11, 2022

As winter storms begin to pick up throughout the country, and specifically in the northeast, New England drivers should be prepared for the dangerous winter driving conditions that come along with the change in seasons. Winter driving increases the risk of snow and ice on roadways. Winter conditions also affect visibility, and the impacts of high winds can be dangerous to New Hampshire drivers. A woman was killed earlier this month when she crashed her car into a tree that had fallen into the roadway as a result of the high winds in a winter storm.

According to a local news report discussing the tragic accident, the victim was driving on Route 11 in Sunapee on December 1st during a winter storm. As the woman was driving, a tree was blown over by the high winds and fell into the roadway. The 22-year-old woman reportedly crashed her car into the fallen tree and was killed in the impact. This tragic crash demonstrates that New Hampshire drivers should be especially careful when driving during winter conditions.

Defining financial liability for a single-vehicle collision is not always easy. Although no auto insurance coverage is required in our state, most New Hampshire drivers carry bodily injury insurance coverage that will pay damages related to the injury or death of anyone hurt in a crash except for a negligent driver. This type of insurance coverage does not compensate a driver for their own injuries in the event of a single-vehicle accident caused by road conditions. Many New Hampshire drivers also purchase Medpay insurance coverage (sometimes called PIP), which does cover injuries to an at-fault driver that are incurred in a crash, although the coverage is usually limited to less than $10,000 per accident.

Because insurance coverage can be variable and confusing in New Hampshire, drivers who frequent our roads during the winter months are encouraged to purchase as much insurance coverage as they can reasonably afford. In the event of an accident and a personal injury claim against an insurance company, the single biggest factor in determining the amount of recovery received by an accident victim is the amount of insurance coverage held by the drivers involved.

Have You Been Injured in a New Hampshire Car Accident?

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