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Update in Tragic New Hampshire Accident That Killed Seven Motorcyclists

April 20, 2020

A local news outlet recently reported on important updates in the tragic New Hampshire truck accident that took the lives of seven motorcyclists. Last June, a truck driver crossed into a double yellow line and killed seven motorcyclists. The man admitted that he was reaching for a drink when he swerved into the other lane. Further, police reports indicate that the man appeared impaired at the time of the accident, and an investigation revealed that the man had narcotics or amphetamines in his system at the time of the collision. Despite a lengthy and disturbing unsafe driving history, police permitted the man to leave the scene of the accident. However, he was arrested several days later in Massachusetts.

In addition to criminal charges, the man and his employer are facing several civil lawsuits. One of the survivors filed a complaint seeking monetary compensation for his personal injuries, including pain and suffering, financial losses, and medical expenses. The man’s wife is also seeking loss of consortium damages. New Hampshire allows loss of consortium claims by a spouse or family member of a person who has suffered serious injuries or death because of a defendant’s negligence. The claim is based on the idea that because of the defendant’s conduct, the injury victim cannot provide their family member or spouse with the same companionship, comfort, or sexual relations that they could before the accident. Typically, judges and juries only award these damages if the person injured suffers a permanent or long-lasting and severe injury.

Additionally, the truck driver’s employer is facing negligence charges because the truck driver was operating as an employee when the accident occurred. The plaintiffs contended that the truck driver’s employer should be responsible because they negligently hired the driver despite his many arrests and license suspensions. A judge denied the company’s request to dismiss the lawsuit.

In response to these lawsuits, the truck driver’s attorneys requested that the court release the man on bond, subject to reasonable financial conditions. Further, they are asking that the court order the man to engage in GPS monitoring, a driving ban, and regular drug screens. In their motion, the truck driver’s attorneys included that nine officers who engaged with the man did not report any impairment. Additionally, they provided evidence that a business owner who saw the man did not note any impairment. Moreover, they are disputing a laboratory blood result, arguing that the amount they detected was under the laboratory’s detection policy limit. The outcome of this motion may have an impact on any pending civil claims against the driver and his employer.

Have You Suffered Injuries Because of a Negligent New Hampshire Driver?

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