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Tourists Are Responsible for Many New Hampshire Car Accidents

July 21, 2020

After a recent spike in New Hampshire traffic accidents, the state saw a welcome reprieve in 2019 when the rate of traffic accidents declined. Although the reduction in fatalities is certainly a positive, the state continues to experience a steady number of serious accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that most motor vehicle accidents occur on weekends at the end of the summer. Further, many New Hampshire car accidents occur on a popular tourism route from Lake Winnipesaukee to Mount Washington. Although it is not always possible to avoid accidents, New Hampshire motorists should take steps to avoid traveling on these densely-populated routes during high traffic periods. However, accidents are inevitable, and motorists who suffer injuries because of another’s negligence should contact a New Hampshire accident attorney to discuss their rights.

Accidents can occur for many reasons, including inexperienced drivers, motorists under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, distraction, and drivers who are unfamiliar with particular roadways. Although no specific data exists regarding the number of tourists involved in New Hampshire accidents, anecdotal evidence suggests that many residents have been victims of motor vehicle accidents involving out-of-state drivers.

There are many reasons that tourists may cause an accident during the summer in New Hampshire. As odd as it may sound, many believe a leading reason to be tourists are often distracted by the scenery. Additionally, tourists are often unfamiliar with the roads and highways in New Hampshire, and are more easily caught off-guard by sudden curves, merging roadways and unmarked entrances. Of course, the common culprits of distracted and drowsy driving also play a role in these accidents, as tourists are in the car for long hours at a time. Although the state welcomes tourists, New Hampshire locals should be especially careful during the tourist season to avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of a car accident.

Recently, a New Hampshire news report described a multi-vehicle crash involving four cars. The crash occurred in the early evening hours on the side of the highway near the Lakes Region. Many motorists were heading home after a weekend in the North Country. When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, they blocked the highway’s high-speed side and sent traffic around the accident scene. A preliminary investigation revealed that two of the vehicles involved in the accident were registered in another state. The accident remains under investigation.

Have You Been Injured in a New Hampshire Car Accident?

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