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Three Killed After Being Thrown From Vehicle in New Hampshire Car Accident

September 5, 2019

Three people lost their lives in a tragic New Hampshire Car accident, according to a recent news source. Evidently, the crash occurred when the vehicle carrying all three victims was traveling northbound on a New Hampshire interstate. The vehicle inexplicably left the road from the left-most lane of travel. Police told reporters that another vehicle “may have merged” in front of them.

The victims’ car swerved into the median and rolled over, throwing all occupants out of the vehicle. The accident occurred around 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Responding police officers are not sure who was driving the vehicle containing the three victims, as all three were thrown from the vehicle and none were believed to be wearing a seat belt. Police did not suspect that anyone was impaired by drugs or alcohol, but the crash is still being investigated and police are requesting the help of additional witnesses.

In a New Hampshire personal injury case, there are different types of damages a plaintiff may be able to recover. The first category of damages is generally referred to as economic damages. They generally cover the costs associated with the plaintiff’s injuries caused by the accident. These damages can include medical bills and other past medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost employment wages, loss of earning capacity, and other generally quantifiable damages.

The second category of damages is often referred to as non-economic damages. Examples of non-economic damages include emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and loss of companionship. These damages are common in New Hampshire personal injury cases.

A third category is what is known as enhanced compensatory damages. Under New Hampshire Revised Statutes section 507:16, New Hampshire law generally does not allow punitive damages. However, the state does allow enhanced compensatory damages. A plaintiff can recover enhanced compensatory damages if the defendant’s actions rise to the level of “wanton, malicious, or oppressive.” Enhanced compensatory damages are different from punitive damages in that they are not meant to punish the wrongdoer but rather to account for the aggravating circumstances of the injury. Yet, these damages still add to the total damages award and are recoverable by the plaintiff.

The amount of damages generally must be proven, but it is ultimately up to the jury to determine the amount of an award. The damages available in each case depends on the facts of circumstances of the specific case. Cases involving unknown variables are often the most difficult, because it is unclear who is at fault. However, an experienced New Hampshire personal injury attorney can help accident victims determine what type of damages they may be entitled to, and how to begin the process.

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