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Recovering From a New Hampshire Hit and Run Accident

January 6, 2021

Any time a car accident happens, at a minimum it’s an inevitable headache for everyone involved. When a hit and run takes place, however, it can be even more frustrating. When a driver flees the scene after an accident, there are no guarantees the damage you have sustained to your vehicle or to you physically will be covered. Sometimes, however, local authorities can be especially helpful following these collisions by conducting thorough investigations to locate the responsible party. Thus, it is imperative to report New Hampshire hit and run accidents.

In a recent news report, a local woman faces drunk driving charges after a hit and run accident because local authorities successfully identified her after a hit and run accident. Local authorities were sent to the scene to find the woman after she was found slumped over and intoxicated in a parked vehicle. After a witness woke her up, the woman backed her vehicle into another car before driving up the street. Police located the woman at her home, and her car appeared to have damage on the rear and front license plates. The woman denied drinking but was clearly intoxicated, and the only other person home denied driving as well. Further investigation revealed that she had hit an additional vehicle earlier in the night in a separate hit and run accident. The woman refused a sobriety test and was subsequently arrested with a DWI, making it her third drunk driving conviction in the last seven years.

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, it is crucial you take immediate action. Because these collisions could happen either when you’re in the vehicle or when your car is parked and you’re away, you must know what next steps to take.

First, it is crucial that you first call the police following a hit and run accident. Calling the police can set you up with written documentation that the accident took place, and the official police report can serve as evidence for your insurance company. Contacting the police can also allow them to conduct an investigation that may locate the party who fled the scene. Make sure to also document the accident in full, including taking photos and videos, notes, or speaking to witnesses.

In New Hampshire, the law requires that when a car accident occurs, the parties involved must remain at the scene. Alternatively, the parties can choose to head to a local police station to report the accident. No matter what the parties choose, however, they must exchange information. Parties who flee the scene of an accident after it takes place could be on the hook for any property damage or medical bills incurred from the collision and could even be subject to criminal charges related to the hit and run accident.

If the at-fault party was driving while intoxicated (DWI), they may also be looking at criminal charges in addition to responsibility for medical bills or property damage from the accident. Evidence of drunk driving is also relevant to a personal injury claim, as it can help prove the driver’s negligence. When it comes to damages, however, the process can be complicated and confusing. This is why potential plaintiffs are advised to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help them navigate their claims with ease.

Do You Need a New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney?

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