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Recovering Financial Compensation as a Passenger in a New Hampshire Single-Vehicle Accident

September 9, 2021

New Hampshire is a “fault” state, which means that at-fault drivers may be held liable for the consequences of their negligence—as such, establishing liability after an accident is critical to securing compensation for a victim’s injuries and losses. While the law follows the “fault” theory of liability, the process requires an in-depth understanding of complex New Hampshire personal injury laws.

A common inquiry is whether passengers involved in a single-vehicle accident can recover damages against the driver. For many reasons, accident victims in these cases tend to be reluctant to pursue damages against the at-fault party. Victims may feel that their relationship with the driver may limit their ability to recover compensation. However, the law provides victims with the same rights regardless of whether they were passengers in the at-fault driver’s vehicle or another vehicle.

While some hesitate to pursue damages against a friend or family member responsible for an accident, victims must understand that there are options for recovery. Under New Hampshire’s laws, injury victims have three primary options for financial recovery after an accident. These options include filing a claim with their insurance company, a third-party claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company, or a direct claim against the at-fault driver. In most cases, the law entitles the injury victim for compensation for economic and non-economic losses such as their medical bills, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and mental distress.

Recently, New Hampshire news reports described a tragic accident on 1-293 in Bedford, NH. The driver of a GMC SUV died, and her passenger suffered injuries after the driver slammed into a guardrail and then swerved into a concrete barrier. State Police told reporters that they believe distraction and alcohol may have contributed to the accident. Both the driver and passenger were unconscious when troopers arrived at the scene. The driver died at the hospital, and the passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Police are calling for witnesses to contact the New Hampshire State Police.

In cases like this, the passenger may bring a claim against the driver’s insurance company or estate. However, unlike other states, New Hampshire laws do not require drivers to carry automobile insurance; however, drivers must establish that they can meet the state’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Requirements if the motorist is found “at fault for an accident.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a New Hampshire Accident

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