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Recovering Damages After a New Hampshire Head-On Accident

June 9, 2021

Driver negligence is the cause of a significant number of head-on New Hampshire accidents. Every year thousands of people suffer life-altering injuries and death because of these types of collisions. For instance, a recent news report described a harrowing New Hampshire head-on accident. Hooksett firefighters and police received calls reporting a box truck and car collision. An initial investigation revealed that while making a sharp curve, the sedan crossed into the lane that the truck was traveling in. The collision required two ambulances to transport all of the victims to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for children, teens, and young adults. Head-on collisions account for a significant number of these accidents. These accidents typically result in serious injuries that require lengthy and extensive medical treatment.

After a New Hampshire accident, injury victims and their families may recover compensation for their damages. These lawsuits require the claimant to establish that the negligent driver owed the victim a duty, they breached that duty by acting negligently, and that negligence conduct caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Although the claims seem straightforward, there are various defenses that insurance companies and defendants will purport to avoid compensating the victim. In addition to the substantive defenses, plaintiffs often face complex and daunting procedural barriers that make pursuing a claim difficult.

An attorney can help head-on collision victims recover compensation for their injuries. Many factors can affect the value of a New Hampshire car accident claim. Some factors are the physical, psychological, and financial effects of the accident. Courts will look to the type of injuries the victim suffered and the extent of disability the accident caused. They will also look to the level of property damage that a person sustained because of the accident. This typically involves examining property damage to a vehicle. Next, courts will evaluate the non-economic losses that a person sustained. Unlike economic losses such as medical expenses and property damage, non-economic damages are not easily quantifiable. These tend to include psychological trauma, pain and suffering, and the emotional toll of losing a family member.

A New Hampshire accident attorney can help victims present their case in a compelling and legally sound manner. Attorneys can use their settlement and litigation skills to ensure that a victim recovers all of the damages the law entitles them.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Head-On Collision?

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