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Recovering After a New Hampshire Boating Accident

December 6, 2019

New Hampshire has a wealth of beautiful lakes and coastline, making the state a popular location for boaters and tourists. Boating is a fun and exciting leisure activity, but without proper education and training, the activity can have disastrous consequences. New Hampshire boating accidents can result in injuries to the boat’s drivers, passengers, and those enjoying water sports. Negligent New Hampshire boat drivers may face severe criminal and civil consequences, including jail time, fines, and personal injury claims.

New Hampshire boaters must have a state boating license or certificate; however, if they do not, they must complete a classroom course and pass a supervised exam. Additionally, New Hampshire law prohibits boaters from operating their boats under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If a boater’s blood alcohol level (BAC) is .08 or higher, they may face a criminal Boating Under the Influence (BUI) charge in addition to civil liability for injuries they caused. Boating injuries may be the result of other boating accidents, as well. Some common situations that may result in injuries are when a boat hits a wave, another boat’s wake, or a submerged object. The boat itself may be dangerous if it has defective equipment or slippery surfaces. Further, individuals may suffer more severe injuries when a boat does not have adequate safety equipment on board.

A recent news report illustrates the deadly consequences a boating accident can have. Recently, two New Hampshire men died in a boating accident on Lake Winnipesaukee. New Hampshire emergency personnel arrived at the scene after receiving reports that a boat was adrift. Reports indicate that there was a female passenger aboard the boat suffering from severe injuries, and the boat’s operator, who was pronounced dead at the scene. While responding to the scene, helicopters and divers found a deceased man on a submerged boat. Witnesses indicated that two vessels collided with each other. Details are few, and police report that they are still investigating the cause of the accident and determining which boats were involved.

It is essential that New Hampshire boaters who have been involved in an accident follow state reporting protocol. New Hampshire requires any person operating a boat involved in an accident to write a written report of the incident to the Division of Safety Services within 15 days of the event. Boaters who fail to do this may face misdemeanor and felony charges; additionally, they may compromise any potential civil claims.

Have You Been Involved in a New Hampshire Boating Accident?

New Hampshire boating accidents can have severe and devastating consequences, as injury victims may not be able to receive prompt medical care. If you or a loved one has suffering injuries in a New Hampshire boating accident, you should contact the New Hampshire accident attorneys at Peter Thompson & Associates. The attorneys at our law firm appreciate the dangers that negligent boaters present to New Hampshire residents, and we work diligently to get injury victims the compensation they deserve for their losses. We handle personal injury and New Hampshire wrongful death claims arising out of boat accidents. Successful plaintiffs may be entitled to compensation related to their medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering. Contact our office today at 800-804-2004 to schedule a free consultation with a New Hampshire accident attorney on our team.