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Peloton Treadmill Recall May Affect New Hampshire Consumers

May 27, 2021

During the pandemic, many people purchased workout equipment such as treadmills or stationary bikes, given that many gyms were shut down because of social distancing. But what happens when that piece of exercise equipment you invested in is actually dangerous—and could potentially injure you or your family?

According to a recent news article, Peloton, a fitness and exercise equipment company best known for its high-end equipment and classes, announced that it would recall its treadmills after several reported injuries and a child’s death. Peloton’s chief executive released a statement claiming that the company had “made a mistake” by resisting the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s initial warning about the treadmill earlier last month and is now offering a full refund for all Tread+ and Tread treadmills. The commission reportedly received 72 reports of people, pets, and objects being pulled under the rear of the company’s treadmills, including a six-year-old boy who died. Now, the company is finally moving to refund customers who decide to participate in the voluntary recall and is encouraging treadmill owners to keep their equipment and safety keys stored away from their children.

In New Hampshire, if you or someone you love experiences personal injury, death, or property damage as a result of a defective product, you may have grounds to bring a product liability claim for damages. Under New Hampshire laws, potential plaintiffs who are injured by defective products could receive compensation for medical bills, wrongful death, and pain and suffering, among other claims.

If you have been recently injured by a defective product, time is of the essence to file your lawsuit. New Hampshire product liability claims are governed by a strict statute of limitations, which requires all claims to be filed three years or more after the injury should have been discovered. In addition, claims could be filed 12 years after the product was sold or given away or 12 years after a lessor or licensee has had the product in their possession. These rules, however, do not apply if the manufacturer purposely deceived or used fraud to hide the dangers of the product.

In addition, New Hampshire laws dictate that plaintiffs can only hold manufacturers liable for injuries the product causes them if the product is in its original form. Thus, if the consumer altered the item in any way and those alterations contributed to or were the actual cause of the injury the consumer experienced, the potential plaintiff may not have a case.

Products liability cases in New Hampshire can often be complex, and significant knowledge of the necessary legal and practical nuances can often make or break a successful claim. This is why potential plaintiffs are advised to contact an experienced personal injury attorney before moving forward with their claim so that they may maximize their chances of a positive end result to their dispute.

Do You Need a New Hampshire Products Liability Attorney?

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