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Older Adults and New Hampshire Wrong-Way Accidents

May 1, 2022

Driving helps older adults maintain independence and stay mobile; however, advancing age can present impairments that may impact driving ability. New Hampshire car accidents involving older and wrong-way drivers can result in serious injuries and deaths.

According to recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”), there are more than 45 million licensed drivers over 65. Further, approximately 8000 older adults over 65-years-old received emergency treatment for crash injuries. A study from the Journal of Safety Research indicates that drivers over 70 years old have a higher crash death rate than middle-aged drivers. The higher accident rates among that age group are predominately associated with increased vulnerability to serious injuries. In the last reporting year, 73% of fatal accident victims killed in crashes involving drivers 70 years or older were either the driver themselves or their older passengers.

Generally, older adults engage in safer driving behaviors than other age groups; however, age-related declines may affect some older adults’ abilities to operate their vehicles safely. Physical, cognitive, and visual abilities may decline with age, and this functional impairment can interfere with safe driving. These impairments can cause confusion while driving, leading to a wrong-way accident.

A New Hampshire news source recently reported on a wrong-way driving accident on the Everett Turnpike. According to reports, emergency responders transported an 83-old-woman to a hospital with serious injuries after colliding head-on with a pickup truck. The woman was driving north in the southbound lanes when she slammed into the truck. After the collision, one of the cars rolled over and slammed into additional cars. At least two other sedans received damage, and the drivers were transported to out-of-state hospitals.

Some U.S. states maintain renewal provisions specific to older drivers. Highway Loss Data Institute (“HLDI”) studies on mandatory road tests in New Hampshire revealed the effect on insurance claim rates is unclear. New Hampshire did not experience the same benefit from the road test requirement, which was in effect until 2011.

Regardless of renewal provisions, older adults should take steps to prevent deaths and injuries. Wearing a seat belt, driving during safe conditions, and refraining from drinking and driving are all critical to preventing and reducing the likelihood of accidents and subsequent damages.

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