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New Hampshire Wrong-Way Car Accident Leaves Two Injured

March 11, 2021

New Hampshire car accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it’s poor weather conditions, reduced visibility, negligent or reckless driving by another party, or mechanical failure, the possibilities are endless. One of the most dangerous and potentially fatal accidents, however, are wrong-way accidents. When these collisions take place, there is a high likelihood of serious injury or death because of the nature of the accident.

According to a recent news article, two people were injured following a wrong-way car accident. Evidently, a driver entered the freeway southbound at an exit to a northbound freeway and crashed head-on into a Toyota Camry that was traveling northbound in the correct direction. When local authorities arrived on the scene, both vehicles had heavy front-end damage, with the at-fault party’s car facing south in the northbound lane. Following the collision, both drivers were transported to local hospitals and their injuries were reportedly not considered life-threatening. Both vehicles were towed from the scene, and for a short period of time, all northbound traffic was closed. The collision remains under investigation by local authorities.

Based on data from the Department of Transportation, wrong-way driving accidents account for between 300 to 400 deaths in the United States each year, with many more injured from these collisions. Although they may be less common compared to other types of accidents, they are often fatal, and more than 60 percent occur because of drunk driving or operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

If you find yourself injured or your car severely damaged following a wrong-way accident, sometimes the only way to receive relief is to file a lawsuit. In New Hampshire, victims of car accidents can file claims for personal injuries, medical expenses, property damages, or lost wages, among other types of compensation.

Potential plaintiffs in wrong-way driving cases are responsible for proving that the other party bears legal responsibility for the accident. In many accidents, this is not always a clear-cut answer. In wrong-way accidents, however, under many circumstances, proving liability is easier. If the wrong way accident occurred because of negligence, where the other party was driving into oncoming traffic, potential plaintiffs may have a relatively straightforward case, barring other issues.

To prove negligence, potential plaintiffs have to prove five elements under New Hampshire law. First, potential plaintiffs must prove that the driver owed a duty to others on the road to operate his vehicle in a safe and effective manner. Second, they must prove that there was a breach of that duty. Third, they must establish that there was harm caused as a result of the accident. Fourth, potential plaintiffs must prove that the driver’s breach of their duty was the cause of the harm and accident. And lastly, potential plaintiffs have to prove that damages are required to make the situation right.

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