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New Hampshire Toll Booth Accidents

November 10, 2020

Nine toll plazas in New Hampshire require a fee to cross at a bridge or toll road. Before approaching a toll booth, drivers should stop or reduce their speed. The failure to abide by these safety regulations can result in a serious accident and injuries to the driver, their passengers, other motorists, and toll booth operators. In some instances, toll booth accidents result in minor fender benders with little to no bodily injury or property damage. However, because many motorists are speeding while approaching a toll booth, these accidents often cause serious injuries and damages.

Many variables affect New Hampshire tollbooth accident rates. Some of the factors include the prevalence of mainline barriers, barriers at interchanges, toll collection options, high occupancy lanes, zipper lanes, and slip ramps. These accidents often occur because of speeding, sudden lane changes, and impaired or fatigued motorists. Impaired or fatigued driving accidents are particularly prevalent because of the prevalence of long-haul truck drivers on these routes.

These accidents tend to result in multi-vehicle pileups and serious bodily injury. For instance, a news report recently described an accident involving a collision at a New Hampshire toll booth. A Maine driver was traveling north approaching the toll plaza, when she lost control of her vehicle and slammed into a New Hampshire toll booth. Her vehicle collided with a concrete abutment, sending her vehicle into the air, and into an unoccupied toll booth. Fortunately, the woman suffered only minor injuries.

Establishing liability after a New Hampshire tollbooth accident is often complicated and involves various parties. Some relevant factors are whether the driver was abiding by traffic rules, the drivers’ speed, if the driver was distracted, road conditions, toll booth configurations, and other similar considerations. After a tollbooth accident, victims should consult with an attorney to determine their rights and remedies. In many cases, the injury victim or their loved ones may recoup medical expenses and other damages related to the accident. If reckless or impaired driving was a factor in the accident, victims might recover higher amounts of compensation, and the at-fault party may face criminal charges.

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