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New Hampshire Teens Pull Man Out of Burning Vehicles

April 23, 2022

Vehicle fires can lead to serious property damage, significant injuries, and fatalities. Most New Hampshire car fires stem from situations where gas or diesel ignites and causes an explosion. Some common causes of a car fire include:

  • Vehicle defects: A design or manufacturing defect can increase the likelihood of a car explosion and fire. A defect combined with other factors may ignite a fire or create unfavorable conditions that lead to a fire.
  • Motor vehicle collisions: The force of an accident can cause one or more cars to ignite. The vehicle’s engine, battery, or another component may become damaged during an accident and cause gas spillage and an explosion.
  • Improper vehicle maintenance: Poor vehicle maintenance can cause a car explosion or fire.
  • System Failures: Faulty wiring or defective computer systems can increase the likelihood of a vehicle fire.

In some cases, drivers may notice certain signs that indicate a potential explosion or fire. Consumer Reports advises consumers to be aware of warning signs such as:

  • A burning or melting smell.
  • A warning light on the dashboard.
  • Smoke coming from the vehicle.

Vigilance about the presence of these signs can prevent severe injuries and deaths.

Recently, two brothers are being hailed as heroes after pulling a man out of a burning car In New Hampshire. According to reports, the brothers were in the car with their families when they noticed a truck veer off the road and slammed into a large rock. The boys saw the truck begin to smoke, and they ran over to the truck, where they found the unconscious driver. The teens pulled the man from the pickup truck moments before it exploded. The boys then used CPR techniques to open up the victim’s airways. The fire chief reported that the driver is recovering in the hospital.

Car fire burn injuries can vary in severity however burns tend to affect all layers of the skin and create long-term medical and psychological issues. Those who suffer injuries in a car fire should contact an experienced attorney to determine liability, apportion fault, and recover damages.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a New Hampshire Car Fire Accident?

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