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New Hampshire Rollover Crash Leads to a Second Collision

February 17, 2021

Sometimes, car accidents only involve two parties—an at-fault party, and the party who was harmed as the result of the accident. Not all accidents, however, are this simple. When an initial collision leads to accidents that take place after it, it is often referred to as a chain reaction accident. Chain reaction accidents often involve three or more cars and are usually complex cases because multiple parties and their negligence may have caused you to suffer property damage or injuries.

These chain reaction accidents often occur more frequently than you may expect. According to a recent news article, local authorities found a vehicle rolled over on its roof with a woman trapped inside after she crashed into a guardrail and her car slid into the travel portion of the highway. Shortly after the initial accident, there was a two-vehicle crash just south of the initial collision. No one was injured in the second accident, but the woman involved in the first was transported to a local hospital to be treated.

In New Hampshire, in a case like this one, the dispute will primarily be over who should assume more responsibility in causing the second accident—the original initial accident where the woman crashed into the guardrail, or the primary at-fault party in the second accident. For example, the responsible party in the second accident could argue that the crash would not have occurred if the initial accident did not take place ahead and resulted in an increase in traffic. Because of the initial driver’s negligence, the second driver could argue that the initial driver should bear some level of responsibility in the second accident coming to fruition.

Not all chain reaction accidents, however, are as clear-cut. Following a major accident involving multiple parties, it can often feel overwhelming when getting ready to file a claim because of the complexity of the facts at hand or the number of parties involved. This is why potential plaintiffs are advised to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can get you the compensation you deserve.

Having experienced representation when navigating particularly complex car accidents can make all the difference and save you the headache. For example, following an accident, establishing liability on the at-fault parties is crucial, but so is establishing the correct proportion of responsibility. Although police reports after the accident and your own account may be helpful, it may be best to hire an experienced team of lawyers who can retain experienced consultants and investigators to piece together the facts and gather evidence from the accident. This way, you are able to pursue the maximum compensation that you are eligible for and the responsible parties are held accountable.

Do You Need a New Hampshire Personal Injury Attorney?

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