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New Hampshire Drivers Can Be Liable for Failing to Clear Snow Off of Their Car

January 13, 2021

New Hampshire is no stranger to heavy snowfall and storms in the winter, often leaving behind inches, if not feet, of snow. Whenever snowfall is particularly abundant, drivers also face various challenges while on the road. In addition to icy conditions, poor visibility, and slippery streets, snow often also accumulates on cars. Although not every state experiences the same level of snowfall and ice during winter that New Hampshire does, leaving accumulated snow on cars could leave other drivers prone to serious injuries or dangers on the road should the ice fly off your car while traveling. Thus, New Hampshire drivers also have to pay attention to snow that has accumulated on their cars before heading out on New Hampshire roads, or they may face charges or be fined.

According to a recent New Hampshire news report, a chunk of ice flew off a box truck and slammed into another driver’s windshield. The driver suffered significant injuries and had to undergo several surgeries to remove pieces of glass from both of his eyes. The box truck driver failed to remove ice and snow from his vehicle before getting on the road, which led to the accident. Following the accident, the truck driver will face several charges, including vehicular assault, reckless conduct, and negligent driving.

In New Hampshire, Jessica’s Law requires all drivers to remove all snow and ice from their vehicles before driving on the road. The law was enacted after a sheet of ice flew off a truck and hit another one, which resulted in a head-on collision that killed a young woman named Jessica Smith. In addition to New Hampshire, there are currently only three other states that have this law or a similar one enacted to protect drivers during icy conditions.

Since it was enacted in 2002, local authorities have enforced Jessica’s Law to keep New Hampshire roads safe. Failure to comply with this law could subject the driver to various charges, including a penalty fine between $250 and $500 for the first offense, and increased penalties for subsequent offenses. Drivers who are repeat offenders of the law could face revocation of their license.

Local authorities often witness the often devastating effects of drivers who negligently fail to clean off snow and ice from their cars when this excessive snow causes accidents on the road that lead to significant injuries. Since it only takes a few moments and could save someone’s life, and you from being fined or injuring someone, clearing all snow and ice from your vehicle should be an easy step to take before getting on the road.

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