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New Hampshire Car Crashes Into Home

July 25, 2021

Car accidents involving property damage are a common occurrence in New Hampshire. While some degree of property damage is an unfortunate consequence of many accidents, people do not expect a vehicle to barrel through and destroy their homes. Although it is rare, this can occur, especially when a home is close to a major roadway or intersection. On top of sheer shock, these accidents can result in severe property damage and injuries to the home’s occupants.

There are many reasons why a vehicle may slam into a house or fixture on a person’s property. Although most accidents are unexpected, they are usually avoidable and often involve some degree of negligence. Typically accidents involving a car running into the home occur because of driver fatigue, a medical event, a hazardous roadway, vehicle malfunction, or an impaired driver. On top of property damage that may exceed tens of thousands of dollars, the home’s occupants and bystanders may suffer serious or fatal injuries.

For instance, local news reports described a horrifying incident when a man crashed into a New Hampshire home. The driver was speeding in his SUV when he slammed into a mailbox and crashed into the home before finally coming to a rest after hitting a tree. The homeowner explained that they were sitting in their home when he saw his front glass door fly across the room. The driver slammed into a granite mailbox, which fell on the hood of his SUV and catapulted the vehicle straight into the home and then a tree. The father quickly ran to his young son and daughter, who were playing in the front room, where his son told him that he thought the house blew up and his sister was dead. The father grabbed his daughter and ran outside for help. The daughter was airlifted to a Boston hospital for emergency surgery. Authorities believe that speeding and intoxication contributed to the driver’s conduct. The man has been charged with driving while intoxicated, first-degree assault, and three counts of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon.

After these incidents, homeowners and anyone affected by the crash will likely experience significant financial, medical, and miscellaneous expenses associated with the accident. While home, automobile, and medical insurance may cover some of the damages, the coverage rarely meets the extent of losses a person experiences. Individuals should contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies after a New Hampshire accident.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a New Hampshire Accident?

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