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Insurance Company Attempts to Avoid Defending Driver Following Tragic New Hampshire Motorcycle Accident

November 26, 2019

According to a recent news report, the auto insurance company for the trucking company involved in the June New Hampshire motorcycle crash that killed seven former marines filed a claim asking the court to relieve them of their responsibility. The request comes several months after the tragic accident in which a truck driver, under the influence of drugs, collided into the motorcyclists. Following the accident, the insurance company received 15 claims from the relatives and surviving victims of the collision. In response, the insurance company filed a lawsuit claiming that they were unable to determine how much to allocate to each party and therefore requested the court to determine the payouts. Additionally, the insurance company asked that the court release them from their duty to defend the trucking company.

New Hampshire law does not require motorists to obtain car insurance. However, under the state’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Requirements, motorists must pay for losses that they cause in an accident. Although, in most cases, New Hampshire commercial truck drivers do not need to have car insurance, federal law requires that trucking companies who operate across state lines must have at least $750,000 in liability insurance. This federal law was designed to protect those who are involved in a crash with a truck driver, because injuries and damages in these accidents are typically severe.

Commercial insurance covers things such as property damage that the vehicle caused and medical and burial expenses that a victim or their loved one incurred. Injured New Hampshire motorists may face challenges with covering their costs because the state does not mandate insurance coverage. In these instances, victims may have to cover their expenses by filing a claim with their insurance company or filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other party.

In the above case, the trucking company had a one million-dollar liability policy, which is clearly insufficient to cover the damages that the parties endured. As a result, the insurance company is under scrutiny because they are attempting to limit their liability and release their duty to the trucking company. This release will result in insufficient payouts to relatives and survivors of the accident.

Have You Been Injured in a New Hampshire Truck Accident?

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