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Injuries to New Hampshire Good Samaritan in Recent Traffic Accident

February 28, 2022

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death throughout the country. While these accidents can range in severity and outcome, those who receive prompt treatment tend to experience better outcomes. In the interim between the accident and emergency responders arriving on the scene, Good Samaritans can play a critical role in a New Hampshire accident victim’s outcome.

Good Samaritans refer to those who render aid to others amid an emergency or dangerous situation. In New Hampshire, the Good Samaritan law provides immunity from civil liability to those who, in good faith, renders emergency care at the place of an emergency to a victim of a crime or to someone who needs urgent care. There are various exceptions and nuances to the rule; however, it is premised on the notion that this individual should not be punished for their good faith effort to assist.

In addition to protection from liability, Good Samaritans who suffer injuries because of another’s negligence while trying to assist an accident victim may have a claim against the at-fault party. This may occur in a situation where a speeding driver strikes a Good Samaritan while they are assisting an accident victim. The Good Samaritan may file a claim against the negligent driver or another entity that caused their injuries in that scenario. However, it is important to note that the negligent driver maintains the right to present contributory negligence defenses to any claim.

An online news source recently provided an update on the New Hampshire Good Samaritan who suffered serious injuries in a December accident. According to reports, a driver crashed into a pole after experiencing glare from the sun. The Good Samaritan was at work when he heard the crash, and he ran out to help the victim before emergency responders arrived. While assisting the woman, another driver hit the man and another co-worker. As a result of the crash, the 56-year-old man spent nearly eight weeks in the hospital for trauma treatment and rehabilitation. The man explained that it is unclear whether he will stand or walk, but he is regaining strength.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a New Hampshire Traffic Accident?

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