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Highway Accident Injures Several New Hampshire Passengers, Killing One Woman

September 10, 2022

Too often in our practice, we see firsthand how one seemingly minor mistake can have dire consequences. Unfortunately, driving is an inherently dangerous activity, and when drivers fail to obey traffic laws, it often affects other drivers and passengers on the road for the worse.

Recently, a driver in a 2006 Toyota Camry was driving eastbound on a major highway when it crossed over a yellow line and into the westbound lane. A second driver in a Jeep was going westbound on the same road and the two cars collided. Emergency responders immediately arrived at the scene to survey the damage and to address the needs of the two drivers and their passengers. Three people were rushed to the hospital, two of them flown by helicopter. One of the women was eventually pronounced dead.

It took police officers approximately five hours to re-open the part of the road where the accident occurred. Even as traffic began operating as usual, though, the families of the woman who died mourned her death and worked with investigators to figure out exactly what happened to cause the collision. Reports thus far have not indicated on whether any alcohol was involved in the accident.

At Peter Thompson & Associates, we meet with too many grieving families who have lost a loved one in a traffic collision. We understand that no amount of money can make up for the loss, but it is important to know that there are options moving forward for compensation. There are several types of compensation available in wrongful death cases, including medical expenses, reimbursement for lost earnings, and compensation for pain and suffering experienced by the deceased.

While the process of talking through what options might be available to you may seem daunting and difficult, our office is here to help. We bring a listening and empathetic ear to your case, and we work hard to handle your claims in a way that takes as much burden off you as possible. It is important to know that while most wrongful death claims can be brought forward any time within 6 years of a family member’s death, there are certain types of claims that have shorter deadlines and require more immediate action. By speaking with one of our attorneys, you can find out what kind of timeline your case might be on so that you can move forward as seamlessly as possible.

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