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Escaped Convict Struck and Killed on New Hampshire Turnpike

June 20, 2022

Auto-pedestrian accidents are some of the most deadly types of motor vehicle incidents that occur on New Hampshire roads. Drivers may struggle to see pedestrians near the roadway, especially at night, and when pedestrians are struck by a moving vehicle, the damage can be catastrophic. A man who had walked out of a minimum-security corrections facility in New Hampshire earlier this month was struck by a car and killed while walking on a New Hampshire turnpike.

According to the facts discussed in a local news report coving the crash, the deceased man had walked away from a minimum-security transitional housing unit that was operated by the New Hampshire Department of Corrections. The man had been listed as escaped by the Department of Corrections for about a week when they received word of the crash. The man had been walking on the side of the Everett Turnpike in Nashua when he was struck by a driver and killed. The turnpike where the man was hit is not designed for pedestrian traffic, and pedestrians are not allowed to walk on the side of the road where the accident occurred.

Determining fault and financial liability for auto-pedestrian accidents can be a complicated endeavor in New Hampshire. Certain accidents are black-and-white, as one of the people involved was obviously responsible for the crash. In situations where both parties may have been negligent, New Hampshire law allows for the liability to be divided among the parties based on their portion of fault. New Hampshire practices comparative negligence law, which means that an accident victim is entitled to compensation for the proportion of the other driver’s fault. Unlike other states, this rule applies even in situations where the victim is substantially more at fault than the other driver.

Because New Hampshire is a comparative negligence state, a pedestrian who was struck by a speeding driver while illegally walking in the middle of the road may be entitled to damages from the driver. This is true even if it is determined that the crash was mostly the pedestrian’s fault. Because this is the legal system in New Hampshire, anyone injured in an accident, regardless of fault, may want to consult with a New Hampshire auto accident attorney to discuss any possible claims.

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