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Bizarre New Hampshire Car Accident Leaves One Dead

October 31, 2022

Car accidents can happen even when none of the parties involved are speeding, driving under the influence, or engaging in distracted driving. Head-on collisions, T-bone reactions, and sideswipes are car accidents with which many people are familiar. However, accidents can sometimes result from bizarre circumstances that none of the parties involved can anticipate. These unusual accidents may involve some sort of obstruction on the road, including an animal.

For example, a man was fatally struck by a car in Charlestown, New Hampshire after exiting another vehicle when it hit a bear. The man was riding as a passenger in a car when the driver collided with a bear crossing the highway. The collision left the vehicle significantly damaged and unable to move from the northbound lane. Following the accident, the driver and passengers exited the car to assess the damage. As soon as the victim left the vehicle, a car driving north struck the victim and the damaged vehicle. Sadly, the victim died at the scene. Another passenger was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. The Charlestown police chief found no indication of distracted driving, excessive speed, or driving under the influence. Instead, the accident seems to have resulted from an unfortunate and bizarre sequence of events.

How Do I Stay Safe in a Bizarre Accident?

If your vehicle strikes an animal or an obstruction on a roadway, resist the urge to swerve out of the way. Swerving can lead you to lose control of your vehicle and collide with another car. Once you have stopped the vehicle safely, exercise caution before exiting. Monitor your surroundings to make sure there are no other vehicles approaching. If you are pulled over on the shoulder of a highway or roadway, you should exit your vehicle on the side closer to the shoulder to avoid being struck by a passing vehicle. Once you exit the vehicle, assess any damage and determine if you can still operate your vehicle. Report the accident to police and request assistance if you cannot operate the vehicle. Finally, if you hit a bear, contact your local conservation department, as they may be interested in monitoring bear sightings on the road.

How Does New Hampshire Law Assign Fault in Bizarre Accidents?

In a negligence claim following a bizarre accident, proving fault can be complex, especially when the accident results from a series of unusual events. To prove a party is liable for injuries due to their negligence, an injured plaintiff must establish duty, breach, causation, and a claim for damages. In particular, New Hampshire law requires a plaintiff to show the defendant’s negligent action or inaction was the actual or proximate cause of the accident that injured the plaintiff. Bizarre accidents can complicate issues of causation, particularly when the defendant was not driving erratically, like the driver who struck the passenger in the bizarre bear accident. An experienced New Hampshire personal injury attorney can help sort through evidence and develop a theory of causation to help the plaintiff prevail.

Have You Been Injured in a Bizarre New Hampshire Car Accident?

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or died in a bizarre New Hampshire car accident, contact the attorneys at Peter Thompson & Associates. Our experienced attorneys handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including New Hampshire car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian and other road accidents, slip and falls, product defect, medical malpractice, dangerous property conditions, and wrongful death. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our office at 800-804-2004.